Thursday, February 24, 2011

Room Room!

I WANT!!!!

Nissan - Titan 2011
(But I want it in Black)

Jeep - Grand Cherokee 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Things

I dont care what the Look like when they get older, But all babys are soooo CUTE!
They just make you want to take them home. I WISH they would stay so cute.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


So... we're moving to Fort Knox this Friday, and we found out Nate mite be getting deployed for seven months. We don't know for sure but its 99% he will. :( so right now I'm deciding on if i should stay in Utah close to family or get a house ready so when he comes home we wont have to worry about it.
Theres so many things I need to think about... But if I do go I really want to get me a Chocolate Lab.

To keep me company. Nate wants me to get two dogs ha ha, but I think one will do for now. I want to get a puppy and I want it to be a male. :) but I don't know what to name it yet, I been looking at names but nothing sounds right.
So for all my friends and family that already know I really want a child. I want to be mom. I don't know when it will happen, But I want one while were in the Army. :) It will nice to have a baby to keep me busy when Nate's not around. Then I wont go to crazy ha ha.

So I was thinking I want to make my new house as cosy and like home, as possible. so I want to make some stuff for it.
Like this wreath for my door. I think It shows my personally. :)
  I Love the yarn and felt flowers on it. I'm so excited to make one when I get to Kentucky.

I Love the Felt Balls on Sticks and I want to get me a Cute Vase to Go with it &
 I want Yellow, Green, White and maybe Blue? Balls. :)

And I want to put Picture Frames behind my sofa.

But use old fashion frames, like These...
and paint them White, Green and Brown.

So I want to make Pillows for my house but i can't decided on what one to make...?

( I was thinking this tree one for my room because I have pillows that are leafs)
But I cant decided on the family room.

I just think this ooh la la pillow is just Cute and Fun!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Graduation/Turning Blue Ceremony

Finally the day I've have been waiting for...
February 10th 2011

It was so funny, he was supposed to meet me at the parking lot but he was late so i started to walk up to the buildings to go the the spouse meeting and right when i got in front of the building he walk right out of the doors next to me. I was really glad to see him. I couldn't stop smiling. :) 

Right after we had our spouse meeting, He had Turning Blue Ceremony. they had to march out and say the Infantryman's Creed. It was pretty cool there was over 200 soldiers yelling it. then after they said it, I got to Turn him Blue. (by putting his Blue Cord on Him)

Infantry Blue...
(In 1951, In the midst of the Korean War, a distinctive Infantry blue shoulder cord was authorized for wear by Infantryman to enhance the prestige of the branch and the morale of its members. Infantry is the only Army branch so authorized, The Infantryman is awarded the cord and blue discs upon completion of basic combat training. The cord is worn on the right shoulder and the blue disc is secured beneath the branch and U.S. insignia disks.)

After The Turning Blue Ceremony we met up with two of his friends.

Pvt McNeese and Marshack for dinner at Long Horn.

February 11th 2011- Graduation.
It started at 9 AM so me and my Dad decided to go early.
We went at 730AM Big Mistake it Was freezing cold, but I'm glad i got a good seat.
First they started with the Army Band! It was really cool.

Then they did a little show and showed us the different guns they use and what each soldier job was.  
The show was cool they had smoke bombs everywhere and they slowly started to come out of it.

And then after they got off the field, Nate and the other soldiers started to March on.
(The Field had dirt from all the Wars we been In)

Then they had to line up to say the Soldier Creed.
Nate's right in the Middle In Front, tallest one.

After that they Marched around the whole field.

And then they marched to the front of the Infantry Museum to get there bags to go home. :)
and graduation was all over.

It was fun! after we meet up, we went through the Infantry Museum.
They spent 100,000,000 on the Museum. It was neat.

Statue: Iron Mike
 refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring.
I am the Infantry!
Follow Me!

I'm So Proud Of You Nathan!
I Love You So Much.