Saturday, November 13, 2010


Wow i haven't been on here forever so here's whats new in my life. Nate left for Basic training at Fort benning GA on October 12. He gets to come home for two weeks, on December 19th to January 4th, I'm so excited. and then he will graduate February 11th but then he will have to go to airborne school for a month after. this year is going to suck a little.

I been working and keeping busy. I'm been using photo shop to fix pictures i been trying to get good at it. because i think every one should know how to fix pictures. :)



but besides that i really haven't been doing much i been Christmas shopping but there so much you can do of that tell you get sick of it. I think movies and me became Best Friends and Food. but I really miss my hub and i write him every night before i go to bed. i want him to know i always care about him and that i support him in anything he puts his mind to. I miss him so much. it really does suck to have him gone and on top of him being gone not even able to talk to him. and if you miss a call sucks for you. yeah it sucks some days. but thats whats new in our life right now.