Friday, July 30, 2010

Places I want to visit...




New Zealand...





haha.. lets be honest here, I just want to see the whole WORLD!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls

Today July 27. me and nate went to bridal veil falls. I't was really fun we got really wet and I thought I was going to die going down, the rocks were slippery.

Making Fabric Flowers

I added White flowers to my Cardigan.

Another type of flower

Im trying to learn how to make all fabric flowers. Theres tons of different types like...
  1. yoyo
  2. Scoreched Gathered Flower
  3. Puffed Organza Flower
  4. Flat Rose
  5. 3D Rose
  6. Kinzashi Flower, Etc...

this Silk chiffon purse by blugirl handbags, its $725.00
so im going to make it. im so excited!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kourtney and Jason Wedding

So July 17, 2010 is when my friend Kourtney and Jason got married. It was really pretty. Her colors where Blue, Pink and Yellow and of course Green. I did her hair in the morning it came out really cute we did Knots in her hair and we did the puff in the front and we did tight curls. her ceremony was at 2pm and her reception at 630pm. Im so happy for her and her Hubie.

Me getting ready for Their Big Day...

Her Bachelorette Party at california kitchen pizza...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stuff thats New in Life

So.. Nate went and switched his job today from 92Romo Parachute Rigger/ Ranger Option to Infantry/ Ranger Option. I don't know about this. Yes, he wont be gone for 8 months he will only be gone for 5 now. and he leaves around the same time instead of October 5th he leaves October 12th for basecamp and ill still get to see him for thanksgiving and christmas. But its going to suck being away from him for a long time, the longest we been gone from each other is a week and that was hard. So prey for me. :) haha. it's just going to get harding from that point on. I decided im going to get a INSIDE dog as mush as my hubie hates inside dogs im going to get one if he can join the army i deserve my inside dog. I think i want a chocolate lab. Im going to have to keep my self really busy. the good news is in a year and a half he can switch his job.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things you probably didnt know about me

* I always wanted to start my own Clothing Line. I Love to sew.
I have a Book of designs that I started when I was In Jr High School.
hopefully one day i can follow my dream.

* I'm In love with Fairy Tale Romance. I always Dreamed about it.
But we all know life isn't a fairy tale.

* I'm In love with Cooking, well sometimes I like to try to make new things.
Yummy!!! I started to make a Cook Book for my self.

* I love to play X-Box and other Games. Like Halo, Marden Warfare, W.O.W, and of course Mario Games.

* In my Life time I have done Violin, Ice Skating, Soccer, Cheer leading, gymnastics, Volleyball, Dance~Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dancing, Ballroom, and Modern. my parents have paid for me to do a lot of things. I love them for it.

* I'm In Love with the game RISK. I get so mad when I loose, but I just love the game I'll play it anytime.

* When I was little I always Wished my stuff animal (Snow) would come alive. I Loved my Stuff Animals. I would dress them up like a doll. I hated dolls when i was little I think I had one baby doll growing up.

* I have a Birthmark right above my butt. My mom would always call it a Angels Kiss.

* Ive Grown up with a learning disability (Dyslexia) I always struggled with reading and writing, my dad has it too. But what everyone tells us, we both have a creative side. he is really good at landscaping and building things. and me I'm good at decorating and sewing and other things. a lot of people have it. Walt Disney even had a learning disability. but look what he did he made a magical place and amazing movies. I just made my self as normal as passable. I'm always going to struggle with it and I'm always going to have people make fun of it. :)

* Ive always been a little insecure about myself. but I Love my body and i wouldn't change anything about it.

* I'm a Animal Lover, I love animals. Ive always had a dog going up. Ive had 7 dogs, 1 cat, 4 birds, Tons of fish, and 4 frogs growing up.

* I always thought about giving up in life and going somewhere like never land. but you can't run away from life, you just have to make it the best that you can.

* I'm really scared about moving, when Nate is in the army. I'm going to be really home sick and I don't know how I'm going to handle it when Nate leaves for months straight.

* I have broke my arm 5 times in 4 years. 2 on my right and 3 times on my left from kindergarten to 3rd grade. one on a baby slide when i fell off another on monkey bars at school, one when i tripped on a tree root in Yosemite California, and i broke 2 on a trampoline, different times.

* I Hate Milk! i hate drinking it and i hate it on my cereal.

Please oh Please.... can we have it!

Fennec Fox.
Me and nate are looking into them. where thinking about getting one. we been contacting someone that is selling 2 babies. but there around 1000 bucks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

4th of JULY!

My 4th July Dress. Going to my aunts for a BBQ.

Friday, July 2, 2010

About Us

Nathan and I met our second week at college in church. We were just good friends, we really didn’t flirt with each other. He was going on tons of dates with other girls and I was doing the same with guys. Well one night with all his roommates and the girls next door we were all outside hanging out and we started to wrestle. I remember that was the first time we started to flirt.

It was kind a funny how we had our first kiss, we always watched movies and he always tried to hold my hand but I didn’t want to lead him on because I just dated his roommate. Well one night after hanging out with Nate he text me asking “so are we ever going to make out” I kind a laugh when I read it. I said “yeah sure” so he said get your butt down here then. (If you didn’t know I lived right above his apt.) So I was really nerves. And he told me later, when he heard me walking down the stairs he was nerves to. So I got to his apt and yea it was an awkward kiss. But it was fun.

A couple weeks later September 17, 2009, he invited me to his work party where his mom, dad and brother were at because they all worked at the same place. It was a little awkward because we weren’t dating we kind a kissing buddies. Well his brother decided to yell across the park if we were a couple because his mom was asking about me to his brother. And it was a very awkward because we never even talked about dating. So Nate said sure. And that’s where it began.

We started to hang out every day we were with each other 24/7. We kind a talked about getting married it always came up here and there and on January 1st 2009 new years day, that’s when he got on his knee and asked for my hand. I was so excited all I could do is smile. I couldn’t believe it was happening. He had my room filled with flowers, candles and chocolate kisses and two wine glasses with sparkling cider. It was really amazing.

We got married on May 8th 2009. What an amazing day. My mom did the decorations she is amazing at it. It’s her talent in life. She made the flower arrangements. It was just perfect. She helped me pick out my white dress that I’m in love with. It was just a perfect wedding. I was so happy I was getting sealed to the man of my dream in the temple. For the lunch-in Nate’s Dad and Mom made the food. It was delouses. I wore the dress my mom wore for her lunch-in. everything was perfect on my wedding day.
On our honey moon night we stayed at the anniversary inn in the jungle room it was really fun. The next morning we drove to Las Vegas and walked around and stayed for the night we decided Vegas isn’t our thing. We drove to South California and that’s when it hit Nate got really sick we didn’t know what to do we stayed at the house all day that night he said he was fine going out to dinner so we went to medieval times. Well that night he kept getting up he kept saying he didn’t feel good and he couldn’t sleep so we took him to the doctor’s and they said he had a sore throat and they gave him a shot. A couple hours later he had red bumps every where he kept saying he was fine but when we went to bed he woke me up at 3 in the morning and said we need to go home. So we packed everything and heading home it was a long drive. When we got home we went to the doctors and they said he had mono. It sucked he was down for two weeks. He had it really bad. I felt really bad. But that’s how we started out our marriage.

Nathan was the biggest blessing in my life, because if you knew me in high school I never went to church and I was very lost in life. Nate changed everything in my life. We always stated to go to church with each other in college we read the book of Mormon and he would give me lessons from his mission. I would have never made it to the temple without him. I love him so much.

Right now we live in Orem just working I work at a deli/bakery in Payson and he works as the main barker at crisps market in Spanish Fork. Nate joined the Army and he leaves in October. I’m excited for the new adventures and to have a dog and kids. But I’m dreading about him leaving. We never have been apart a longer than a week. It’s going to be really hard. I’m going to have to keep myself really really busy.

Well that’s are life’s so far and I love being married to Nathan. I love him so much.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

With the Family

Horseback ridding

Nate being a good Sport, taking all the kids aound the back yard.

Haha trying to play the Guitar

Nates really good at it

At The Lake <3

Almost everyone...

Nate and the boys.


All the kids. Cam cam, Brooklyn, Kole, and Trev.

So this is nate & his Bro Jared throwing his dog, because he swam all the way out to the waverunner. and they thought he was going to drown. it was funny. :)