Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Idea!

So I stole this from my sister. I thought it was super CUTE!

This gift is called "The Date Basket"

The idea of it is to have pre-paid or easy to
pay for dates pre-packaged in envelopes,
then labeled for every month :)

So at the beginning of each month,
Nate will open the envelope for
that month then we will choose
a day for that date night.

Each envelope has a cute little card
explaining the date as well as the
gift cards to pay for the date :)

Here are my list of dates to give you
some ideas

January: "Go Big or Go Home"
Let's go to Dinner and a Movie
Your Pick :)
In the envelope: Movie Gift Card and Restuarant Gift Card

February: I don't have one for February yet.
I don't know where we're going to be yet.

March: "Let's Have a Spa Day at Home"
I'll give you one if you give me one ;)
* A Nice Full Body Massage with Massage Oil
* A Candle Light Bubble Bath
* Relaxing Foot Treatment
* Chocolate Covered Strawberries
 In the envelope: Massage oils, foot cream, bubble bath.

April: "Let's Play"
We think we've got it all figured out in the
game of "LIFE"
*Root Beer Floats
In the envelope: A Couple Cards From the Game of "LIFE"

May: "Let's Be Chefs Tonight and Have a Candle Light Dinner"
(something new we've never made. 3-course meal.)
We'll start at the grocery store and then come home
and cook a tasty meal
In the envelope: you can have recipes already printed out on what you guys
are going to make and a Grocery List of What you Need, and a Gift Card to
a Local Grocery Store

June: "S'more Lovin"
I love you S'more than Anything!
Let's pack up the Car and go make S'mores :)
In the envelope: Matches (For the Campfire)

July: "Lets Go Monkey Around At The Zoo"
In the envelope: Gift Card to The Zoo

August: "Let's Go Fly a Kit"
Lets go have a picnic at the park
In the envelope: KFC Gift Card

September: "Splishin & Splashin"
Let's get Wet and Wild in the Pool
In the envelope: Sunscreen

October: "Fall Is Here"
Let's go to the Pumpkin Patch and Find a Pumpkin
and come home and Carve our pumpkins and
make Carmel Apples and Drink Apple Cider.
In the envelope: Not sure yet.

November: "Let's Snuggle"
Let's Cozy at Home with a Warm Blanket and
Rent a Red box Movie and get a Nice Hott Pizza!
In the envelope: Pizza Hut Gift Card

December: "Warm Me Up"
Let's make Sugar Cookies and Drink Hot Coco,
Than lets go Look at Christmas Lights
In the envelope: Not sure yet.

So there you have it!
A cute, from the heart gift for Christmas :)

Now this can obviously be A LOT
of money up front... so you don't have
to pay for everything at once.. you can
do it along the way and sneak in the
gift cards during the year :)

Im so Excited to Make This!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Make a Bow Holder

what you need:
1yd of Fabric
1 roll of Ribbon
Screw in Hooks
Hot Glue Gun or Staple Gun

how to make it:
1. place fabric over canvas and staple or hot glue it to the back
2. staple or hot glue ribbon to the back. Make sure its tight in the front
3. screw the hooks on the bottom of the canvas where there is wood.
4. and your done

This is what it should look like....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th 2011

So I havent got on here for a long time.

so Nathan has been gone for 2 months now. he left May 10th and he will be home around november to january depending on his unit.


2 weeks ago we found out we're having a Little GIRL! we're naming her Tesslyn Elizabeth Mecham. Elizabeth is my moms middle name. :) We're so excited for he to come. Im due on november 9th. so around 4 1/2 more months.

Im 22 weeks along and i still dont look pregnant, I just look like i have a gut or something lol. I cant wait to start to show. she started to kick around my 19th week and now she will not stop she is getting stronger and stonger each day. :)

well thats all thats going on. nates doing alright he is mostly on missions and im here at home just thinking about him and tesslyn all day long. im so worried about him. just have to keep him in my prayers. I miss him so much and i just cant wait tell this is all over with. i just want to be done with this deployment. and he better be able to come home for tesslyns birth. or im going to have a really hard time with it.

anyways ill try to get on here more often. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Dinner

This year it was just Nate and I, and i still wanted the big Yummy! Easter dinner. Sooo I did, It took all morning but It was soo good.
I made a Honey Ham, Funeral Potatoes. Brown Sugar Carrots, Green Beans, Deviled Eggs, and Rolls.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What i want for my baby shower :)

So for my baby shower I want to do a Bird Theme.
I'm so Excited about it :)

I Love these Birds. If its a Boy ill do the blue and cream birds with
green sprinkles and if its a Girl ill do the pink and cream with yellow sprinkles
I think i want this one to be White cake with cream cheese frosting or a lemon cake with lemon frosting.

And this one Chocolate cake
And I love this idea but I'm not really into coconut so i like the first one better but i want to do blue eggs for a boy or pink eggs for a girl.
Oh and for the cupcakes i want them mini style
And i want Chicken Salad Croissants There my Favorite :)
Pasta salad maybe

A Veggie or Fruit Tray
and this Probably wont go good with this food but I love Deviled Eggs
and they sound so good right now

And I like this flag thing.
I'm so excited for this!

6 to 7 more months tell i have mine lol!

BABY outfit :)

So I was looking at clothes i want to get when I'm pregnant
and i really want to get something like this...

A cute White flowing shirt


Some cute Flats
I just love the owls
and an awesome bracelet

Monday, March 14, 2011


why does this always happen to us...
the best news can easly turns into bad news for us.
 So we found out I was pregneat, we're so excited to have a little one.
but on top of the best news there's always bad
 and that is nates getting deployed in a month tell december. :(
Why does this always happen.
and to make everything worst I just moved to Kentucky
 making it really hard to even go home.
I dont want to Lose my house if I go home
 and I dont know what to do with my stuff if I do go home.
I don't even know how i would move everything to a storge unit. Grrrr...
and I feel so depressed about everything.
but then again that could be my hormonds lol.
I been so sick lately. my stomach is killing.
 im probably 3 to 4 weeks pregneat.
Ill know for sure on Tuesday <3

Well anyways my puppy K.C. wont listen to me its driving me nuts
she only listens to nate, but maybe thats becasue im to nice to her lol
I need to be mean to her when she does something wrong
then she knows im the boss. ha ha.
 and when nates gone I think she is going to drive me crazy.

Ugh... I have to much on my hands right NOW.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We Moved to Kentucky

Well everything was going good we drove here and we moved into our house we got a cute little chocolate lab name K.C. and then when i thought everything was going GOOD I find out Nate is getting deployed. grrr way does this stuff always happen when everything is going good in my life. and now I'm really confused should i stay here in Kentucky or go home? if i go home ill have family but if I stay here I can meet Friends keep my KC and keep my house. and in July we get a brand New House with a garage, I will lose it if go home. hmmmm.... I hate making big decisions. what should I do. it will be 9 Months he gets home in December. :(

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Room Room!

I WANT!!!!

Nissan - Titan 2011
(But I want it in Black)

Jeep - Grand Cherokee 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Things

I dont care what the Look like when they get older, But all babys are soooo CUTE!
They just make you want to take them home. I WISH they would stay so cute.