Monday, March 14, 2011


why does this always happen to us...
the best news can easly turns into bad news for us.
 So we found out I was pregneat, we're so excited to have a little one.
but on top of the best news there's always bad
 and that is nates getting deployed in a month tell december. :(
Why does this always happen.
and to make everything worst I just moved to Kentucky
 making it really hard to even go home.
I dont want to Lose my house if I go home
 and I dont know what to do with my stuff if I do go home.
I don't even know how i would move everything to a storge unit. Grrrr...
and I feel so depressed about everything.
but then again that could be my hormonds lol.
I been so sick lately. my stomach is killing.
 im probably 3 to 4 weeks pregneat.
Ill know for sure on Tuesday <3

Well anyways my puppy K.C. wont listen to me its driving me nuts
she only listens to nate, but maybe thats becasue im to nice to her lol
I need to be mean to her when she does something wrong
then she knows im the boss. ha ha.
 and when nates gone I think she is going to drive me crazy.

Ugh... I have to much on my hands right NOW.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We Moved to Kentucky

Well everything was going good we drove here and we moved into our house we got a cute little chocolate lab name K.C. and then when i thought everything was going GOOD I find out Nate is getting deployed. grrr way does this stuff always happen when everything is going good in my life. and now I'm really confused should i stay here in Kentucky or go home? if i go home ill have family but if I stay here I can meet Friends keep my KC and keep my house. and in July we get a brand New House with a garage, I will lose it if go home. hmmmm.... I hate making big decisions. what should I do. it will be 9 Months he gets home in December. :(