Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well i really didn't know when he was going to propose, but i thought it was going to be in February, but he surpised me and did it New Years day, January 1st 2009. He took me to olive garden & a movie up in Orem. Then we were coming back to Ephraim and he said we were going to go swimming with some friends so we need our swim suits. so when we got to our apartments he said he would come up with me. i was really surprise, he never wants to come to my apartment. So we walk in and we start walking to my room and right when i open the door i was surprised. There was flowers of daisy's, candles and candy kisses everywhere. then i turned around and there he was on his knee. we were just smiling finally he asked and i could not stop smiling. I'm so excited to get married to him. we are getting married, May 8th 2009. :).

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