Monday, January 24, 2011


So having Nathan gone has been really hard.
It's crazy how much you miss someone when their gone.
when we were talking about him joining the army,
were like its ONLY 3 months apart.
 It wont be a big deal. well guess what it was a big deal.
 I'm always finding my self super bored.
and we been married for over a year
 and a half now and i never been this bored with him.
work kept me busy and same as friends
but when i come home at the end of the day,
 I don't have my baby to love me. It's kinda sad.
Well the good news is only two and half more weeks tell he is done
with basic and we well be moving to Kentucky shortly after.
I'm so excited to move and start a new adventure.
 but if he gets deployed right after graduation, its really going to suck.
 because i want a baby before he is deployed.
 and i want him here for me when I'm pregnant.
And i don't want to be away from him again. :)
 I love him to much.

Well... right now he gets to call me every Sunday and i love it.
 its so hard going a week with out hearing from him. and
he graduates on February 11th
and ill be going to Columbus, GA (fort benning)
my dad is going with me but since he lives in California
 he is going to meet me at Atlanta, GA air port.
 I got our tickets to arrive at the same time.
 I love my dad so much, I'm so happy he is coming with me.

well to answer the number one question i get a lot...
Why did i let my husband join the Army.
Well first before i married him i knew
he wanted to do something like this.
 and after being married for a year we decided to do it,
what could it hurt.
 so I let him do it because its something he loves.
 and i don't want him to do something boring and hate life.
so if he loves it, then why not.
I know we are both strong people,
and i know if we put our minds to it we could do anything.
so that's pretty much why i let him join.
because he loves it! and he loves jobs with guns ha ha!

well that's all that's going on right now.
I'll write later.

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