Saturday, February 19, 2011


So... we're moving to Fort Knox this Friday, and we found out Nate mite be getting deployed for seven months. We don't know for sure but its 99% he will. :( so right now I'm deciding on if i should stay in Utah close to family or get a house ready so when he comes home we wont have to worry about it.
Theres so many things I need to think about... But if I do go I really want to get me a Chocolate Lab.

To keep me company. Nate wants me to get two dogs ha ha, but I think one will do for now. I want to get a puppy and I want it to be a male. :) but I don't know what to name it yet, I been looking at names but nothing sounds right.
So for all my friends and family that already know I really want a child. I want to be mom. I don't know when it will happen, But I want one while were in the Army. :) It will nice to have a baby to keep me busy when Nate's not around. Then I wont go to crazy ha ha.

So I was thinking I want to make my new house as cosy and like home, as possible. so I want to make some stuff for it.
Like this wreath for my door. I think It shows my personally. :)
  I Love the yarn and felt flowers on it. I'm so excited to make one when I get to Kentucky.

I Love the Felt Balls on Sticks and I want to get me a Cute Vase to Go with it &
 I want Yellow, Green, White and maybe Blue? Balls. :)

And I want to put Picture Frames behind my sofa.

But use old fashion frames, like These...
and paint them White, Green and Brown.

So I want to make Pillows for my house but i can't decided on what one to make...?

( I was thinking this tree one for my room because I have pillows that are leafs)
But I cant decided on the family room.

I just think this ooh la la pillow is just Cute and Fun!

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