Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stuff thats New in Life

So.. Nate went and switched his job today from 92Romo Parachute Rigger/ Ranger Option to Infantry/ Ranger Option. I don't know about this. Yes, he wont be gone for 8 months he will only be gone for 5 now. and he leaves around the same time instead of October 5th he leaves October 12th for basecamp and ill still get to see him for thanksgiving and christmas. But its going to suck being away from him for a long time, the longest we been gone from each other is a week and that was hard. So prey for me. :) haha. it's just going to get harding from that point on. I decided im going to get a INSIDE dog as mush as my hubie hates inside dogs im going to get one if he can join the army i deserve my inside dog. I think i want a chocolate lab. Im going to have to keep my self really busy. the good news is in a year and a half he can switch his job.

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