Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things you probably didnt know about me

* I always wanted to start my own Clothing Line. I Love to sew.
I have a Book of designs that I started when I was In Jr High School.
hopefully one day i can follow my dream.

* I'm In love with Fairy Tale Romance. I always Dreamed about it.
But we all know life isn't a fairy tale.

* I'm In love with Cooking, well sometimes I like to try to make new things.
Yummy!!! I started to make a Cook Book for my self.

* I love to play X-Box and other Games. Like Halo, Marden Warfare, W.O.W, and of course Mario Games.

* In my Life time I have done Violin, Ice Skating, Soccer, Cheer leading, gymnastics, Volleyball, Dance~Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dancing, Ballroom, and Modern. my parents have paid for me to do a lot of things. I love them for it.

* I'm In Love with the game RISK. I get so mad when I loose, but I just love the game I'll play it anytime.

* When I was little I always Wished my stuff animal (Snow) would come alive. I Loved my Stuff Animals. I would dress them up like a doll. I hated dolls when i was little I think I had one baby doll growing up.

* I have a Birthmark right above my butt. My mom would always call it a Angels Kiss.

* Ive Grown up with a learning disability (Dyslexia) I always struggled with reading and writing, my dad has it too. But what everyone tells us, we both have a creative side. he is really good at landscaping and building things. and me I'm good at decorating and sewing and other things. a lot of people have it. Walt Disney even had a learning disability. but look what he did he made a magical place and amazing movies. I just made my self as normal as passable. I'm always going to struggle with it and I'm always going to have people make fun of it. :)

* Ive always been a little insecure about myself. but I Love my body and i wouldn't change anything about it.

* I'm a Animal Lover, I love animals. Ive always had a dog going up. Ive had 7 dogs, 1 cat, 4 birds, Tons of fish, and 4 frogs growing up.

* I always thought about giving up in life and going somewhere like never land. but you can't run away from life, you just have to make it the best that you can.

* I'm really scared about moving, when Nate is in the army. I'm going to be really home sick and I don't know how I'm going to handle it when Nate leaves for months straight.

* I have broke my arm 5 times in 4 years. 2 on my right and 3 times on my left from kindergarten to 3rd grade. one on a baby slide when i fell off another on monkey bars at school, one when i tripped on a tree root in Yosemite California, and i broke 2 on a trampoline, different times.

* I Hate Milk! i hate drinking it and i hate it on my cereal.

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